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The breeding season is in full swing and your garden birds are on the lookout for nourishment for their new chicks. They also need to keep their own strength up too, while they raise their new families. So don't forget to put out plenty of nutritious bird food - sunflower hearts and suet products will give them the energy boost they need right now. Then you can be sure that your garden will be filled with beautiful birds and their fledglings all through the year.

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Suet Feast Blocks 



      Suet Feasts - four

      nutritious flavours



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'I am very impressed with your service. Delivery was fast and the packing extremely good. Many thanks.'  Mr G B, Wakefield

'Thank you Farbrook Farm, you have consistently proved that you are a supplier of high quality bird food and your service is first rate.'  Mrs Y C, Middlesbrough

'The bird food arrived almost by return - very impressive!'  Mr A J W, Amersham

'Delighted with quality of seed and the number of birds attracted.'  Mrs P J A, Camberley

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