Suet Pellet Feeder

No more soggy suet!

Here’s a simple but effective way to feed suet pellets to your feathered friends. The birds perch on the tray and feed from the wire mesh section at the bottom of this hanging feeder, while the larger plastic reservoir keeps the suet pellets dry until they are needed. As it’s made from stainless steel, it looks good in the garden too!

Product details: 30 cm (12” tall). Plastic reservoir with metal mesh base and stainless steel top and perching tray.

Usage: ideal for suet pellets. Can also be used for peanuts and other larger seeds, such as sunflower.


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Suet Pellet Feeder

Suet Pellet Feeder - keeps food fresh and dry!

Suet Pellet Feeder - keeps food fresh and dry!

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