Dried Mealworm Feeder

Watch your birds enjoying their high-protein treat!      NEW

This tough metal feeder is ideal for dried mealworms. It has a large canopy style lid which opens upwards to allow for easy filling and keeps the food dry and clean. Birds can feed comfortably using the metal perch bar and the feeder can also be used for suet pellets.

Product details: 10" (24.5 cm ) tall.  Flat backed metal feeder with hanging handle and screw holes for attaching to wall or fence.

Usage: attach to wall or fence, or suspend from tree, bird table or pole away from predators.

Suitable for: dried mealworms or suet pellets.

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Dried Mealworm Feeder

Dried Mealworm Feeder

Dried Mealworm Feeder

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