Metal Bird Food Container

Keep your bird food fresh and secure!      NEW

These strong metal containers will protect your bird food from mice and other pests. The lids can be fastened down securely with metal clips, and the bins are powder-coated to prevent rust. They come in two sizes: the smaller bin has a 5 litre capacity and will hold about 3 kg of bird food and the larger bin has 25 litre capacity and will hold about 15 kg bird food.

Product details: powder-coated metal containers with metal clips to secure lid and two carrying handles.  Small: 5 litre capacity (about 3 kg bird food); 8 1/4" (21 cm) tall.   Large: 25 litre capacity (about 15 kg bird food); 13 1/4" (34 cm) tall.   WE REGRET THAT THE SMALL METAL CONTAINER IS CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK

Usage: place bird food in bins and secure lid with metal clips.  Store in cool, dry place.

Suitable for: all dry bird seeds and mixes, suet products and dried mealworms.

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Metal Bird Food Container - Small (5 litre) OUT OF STOCK £9.99
Metal Bird Food Container - Large (25 litre) £24.99

Tough and stylish storage bins!

Tough and stylish storage bins!

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