Suet Logs and Feeder

A novel way to feed your birds suet!

The log feeder is specially designed to look like a tree branch, and is made from eco-friendly wood by-products and special plastic polymers - easy-to-clean and very tough. Just push the suet 'logs' into the six holes in the feeder for an irresistible, high energy meal that birds love to dig out. 

Product details:  Log feeder - 28 cm (11") tall, made from special plastic polymers and recycled raw materials. Six holes for suet logs. Suet logs - approx 90 gm each. Made from suet with wheat, peanuts and added dried insects, including mealworms. 

Usage:  suspend feeder from branch or hook. Push suet logs into feeder. Logs can also be placed on ground or bird table. Regularly clean feeder. 

Suitable for:  all garden birds, including blackbirds, tits, finches, dunnocks, sparrows, thrushes, nuthatches, robins and more. Particularly popular with woodpeckers.

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Product Name Price Qty
Suet Log Feeder £4.99
Log Feeder and 12 Suet Logs (2 x packs of 6 logs) £9.99
Suet Logs Refill - 6 (1 x pack of 6 logs) £2.99
Suet Logs Refill - 36 (6 x packs of 6 logs) £12.99

Suet logs & feeder -- blends in with the trees!

Suet logs & feeder -- blends in with the trees!

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