Ground Feeder Tray

No more soggy birdseed!

This compact ground feeding tray is a neat and hygienic solution to feeding softbilled birds such as robins and blackbirds. The mesh allows rainwater to drain through and air to circulate, keeping the birdfood in good condition for longer.

Product details:metal meshtough feeder, approx 18 cm (7") square

Usage:  suitable for most foods, including Premium Softbill Mix, Dried Mealworms, Fledgling Mix and  Suet Pellets. Position on flat surface in garden, away from cover where cats can hide. Wash regularly in soapy water and rinse. Never use whole peanuts in ground feeder -- can choke small birds.

Suitable for:  all ground feeding garden birds, including blackbirds, robins, thrushes, wrens.

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Ground Feeder Tray

Ground Feeder Tray - keeps your garden tidy

Ground Feeder Tray - keeps your garden tidy

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