Window Feeder

Get a close up view of your favourite birds!

Watch beautiful birds feeding just inches from your window with the elegant Observer™ Window Feeder, designed by Droll Yankees.  Its innovative, open design ensures uninterrupted views of the birds as they feed.

Product details: clear polycarbonate body, resistant to cracking and staining.  Sloped roof overhang prevents rain run-off into dish.  Deep food dish holds up to 0.4 litres of seed.  Curved rim for easy perching.

Usage: attach to window using the three top-quality suction cups. Suitable for most foods, including seed mixes, sunflower hearts and suet pellets. Note: never fill with whole peanuts, which can choke small birds

Suitable for: most small birds.

Did you know?  Birds sometimes fly into windows by accident because they see the reflection of the sky and trees.  Window feeders actually help PREVENT window strikes by breaking up reflections.


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Window Feeder

See nature in close-up!

See nature in close-up!

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