The Squirrel Buster™ - Peanut Feeder

100% squirrel proof - guaranteed!

Peanuts are specially prized by squirrels, making peanut feeders a key target for these garden pillagers.  At last, there's a solution!  The patented Squirrel Buster™ peanut feeder lets birds feed freely while excluding squirrels.  The tough metal feeder is designed to last and resist the most persistent pest attacks.  And it's even woodpecker friendly, with a unique base design that gives woodpeckers the stable perching area they need.

Product details: approx 47 cm (18 inches) tall.  Capacity 750 ml for shelled peanuts.  Outer metal grill covers inner mesh.  Weight of squirrel forces grill down, shutting off feeder ports

Usage: suitable for peanuts and suet pellets.  Can be adjusted to exclude larger birds.  Suspend from tree, bird table or pole.  Clean regularly.

Suitable for: all peanut eating garden birds, including woodpeckers, tits, finches, siskins, sparrows, nuthatches.

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The Squirrel Buster™ - Peanut Feeder

Keep those squirrels out!

Keep those squirrels out!

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