Classic Seed Feeder - 4 Port

Unbeatable Value!

Here’s a value-for-money Seed Feeder with tough metal fittings. Easy to fill and easy to clean, these new, improved classic seed feeders are Ideal for all gardens and outdoor spaces.

Product details: 32 cm (12.5") tall. Clear polystyrene tube with metal top, base and handle. Four metal feeding ports.

Usage: suitable for all free-flowing bird seeds, including Premium Wild Bird Food and Sunflower Hearts. Lift feeder lid to fill. Clean regularly.

Suitable for: all seed feeding garden birds, including tits, finches, nuthatches, woodpeckers, siskins, and more.


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Classic Seed Feeder - 4 Port

Classic Seed Feeder - 4 Port

Classic Seed Feeder - 4 Port

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