Goldfinch Special Offer: 5kg Niger + 9" Feeder

Save £££s on niger seed and feeder!

Goldfinches, with their distinctive red and yellow colouring, are amongst the most beautiful birds in Britain and they love niger seed.  So, take advantage of our special offer and you'll be able to fill your garden with these stunning birds and save money at the same time.   5 kg niger seed and our classic niger seed feeder would normally cost £22.98 - but you can buy them both for just £18.99 (plus p & p). That's an irresistible saving of almost £4.00! 

Product details: 5 kg black niger seed (also known as 'nyger', 'nyjer' or 'thistle seed') plus niger feeder.  Feeder is 23 cm (9 inches) tall; clear polystyrene tube with metal lid and base. Four metal perches.

Usage: niger seeds are too fine for standard seed feeders, so must be fed from special niger feeder.  Lift the feeder lid to fill.  Clean regularly.

Suitable for: goldfinches, greenfinches, bullfinches, siskins, redpolls.  Note: goldfinches are present throughout UK except extreme north and west Scotland.  In areas where goldfinches are not common, it may take some time before they find the niger feeder. Please be patient!


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Goldfinch Special Offer: 5kg Niger + 9" Feeder

Goldfinches love Niger Seed!

Goldfinches love Niger Seed!

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