Basic Seed Feeder - 2 port

Great Value!

Here’s a sturdy plastic Seed Feeder, suitable for all bird seed mixes and sunflower seeds. Easy to fill and easy to clean, our basic seed feeder is ideal for beginners or an as extra feeder.

Product details: 20 cm (8") tall. Clear polystyrene tube with plastic top and base, and metal hanger. Two feeding ports.

Usage: suitable for all free-flowing bird seeds, including No Mess Mix, Premium Wild Bird Food and Sunflower Hearts. Lift feeder lid to fill. Clean regularly.

Suitable for: all seed feeding garden birds, including tits, finches, nuthatches, woodpeckers, siskins, and more.


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Basic Seed Feeder - 2 port

Sturdy Plastic Seed Feeder

Sturdy Plastic Seed Feeder

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