The Squirrel Buster™ - Seed Feeder

100% squirrel proof - guaranteed!

This patented seed feeder lets birds feed freely while denying squirrels access to food.  And you can even adjust the spring mechanism to exclude pigeons and other heavier birds if required.  Rust-proof, chew-proof and with extra secure perches that can't be pulled off, this is the ultimate squirrel-busting seed feeder.

Product details: approx 31 cm (12 inches) tall.  Capacity 740 ml for seeds and mixes.  Green metal mesh covers seed tube.  Four ports at base.  Weight of squirrel forces mesh down, shutting off feeder ports. 

 Usage: suitable for seed and seed mixes.  Can be adjusted to exclude larger birds.  Suspend from tree, bird table or pole.  Clean regularly.

Suitable for: all seed feeding garden birds, including tits, finches, sparrows, dunnocks, siskins, nuthatches, robins.

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The Squirrel Buster™ - Seed Feeder

Keep those squirrels out!

Keep those squirrels out!

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