Bird Info

It’s really very simple to fill your garden with birds and birdsong...  A nest of Blackbirds

Take a look at our Bird Feeding Tips, a handy list of helpful hints for feeding your garden birds. 

  • New to bird feeding?  Here’s an essential guide to Getting Started, just in time for the cold winter season.
  • Winter is a dangerous time for little birds, so here are our top ten Cold Weather Tips to help your garden birds survive through to spring
  • Not all wildlife visitors to our gardens are quite as welcome as the little birds.  So if you are losing the battle with squirrels and other uninvited guests, try out our Squirrel Proofing advice.
  • Finally, it’s a real joy to learn about the different birds in your garden.  Use our Bird Finder, to get the facts on the most common British garden birds, and tick off the ones you spot.

Enjoy your birds!

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