Bird Food

The Farbrook Farm range of garden bird food has everything your birds need. Delicious, nutritious bird seed mixes, high-energy fat and suet products and essential 'straight' bird foods like niger seed and black sunflower seeds. Just click on the links below to see the different types of bird food - and to start shopping. 


Bird Seed Feeders

Our easy-to-use bird seed feeders will bring birds flocking to your garden. They look good and they're built to last.

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Peanut Feeders

Make sure your garden birds always have a ready supply of one of their favourite foods -- nutritious, delicious peanuts! 

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Fat & Suet Feeders

Our range of fat and suet feeders has one to suit every garden.

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Squirrel Proofing

Seed, peanut and fat ball feeders designed to let garden birds in but keep squirrels -- and other garden predators -- out!

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Other Feeders & Essentials

Attractive bird feeders for a range of different foods

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