Premium Softbill Mix


A fruity feast for ground feeders!

'Soft-billed’ birds, like robins, blackbirds and thrushes, prefer to feed on the ground and bird tables  - and they love fruit and soft grains. Our specially-developed, high-quality softbill mix gives them exactly that – plus added suet for energy! What's more, we have replaced raisins with apricots in our recipe mix. Unlike raisins, apricots are not harmful if accidentally eaten by dogs - and the birds love them just as much.

Contains: peanut granules (free from aflatoxin), flaked & pinhead oats, sunflower hearts, apple suet, diced apple, dried apricots .

Usage: soft-billed birds are usually ground feeders, so put food on ground, ground-feeding trays or bird tables.

Suitable for: blackbirds, thrushes, robins, wrens and other softbills.


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Premium Softbill Mix - delicious new recipe!

Premium Softbill Mix - delicious new recipe!

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