Coconut Suet Feeder

A birdfeeding classic!

Half a coconut shell packed with an energy-rich suet mix. Just hang it from a branch or bird table to give your garden birds a nutritious and natural-looking spring treat. The Coconut Suet Feeder is loved by most garden birds, and particularly popular with tits, finches and robins.

Product Details: half a coconut shell filled with high-quality suet

Usage: hang from bird table or branch, out of reach of predators

Suitable for: most small garden birds


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Coconut Suet Feeder - 1 x feeder £1.50
Coconut Suet Feeder - pack of 5 £6.00

Coconut Suet Feeder - loved by garden birds!

Coconut Suet Feeder - loved by garden birds!

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