Fat Balls

Instant energy for your birds!

Garden birds love Farbrook Farm fat balls. Made from high-quality suet and tasty, mixed seeds, they are a nutritious, year-round food for most species of wild birds. They are especially important during winter and the breeding season, when birds really need the instant energy boost that fat balls provide!

Contains: approximately 98 grams of high-quality suet and mixed seeds in each fat ball. Please note that we do not suppy netting around the fat balls, as there is a risk that birds can get their tiny feet caught in them.

Usage: place fat balls in a hanging fat ball feeder. You can also crumble a fat ball on the ground or on bird tables as a nourishing treat for blackbirds, robins and other softbills.

Suitable for: all garden birds, including blackbirds, tits, finches, dunnocks, woodpeckers, sparrows, thrushes, nuthatches, robins, and more

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Fat Balls - 10 x 98 gm £3.50
Fat Balls - 50 x 98 gm £12.99
Fat Balls - 100 x 98 gm £19.99

Fat Balls - nutritious and delicious!

Fat Balls - nutritious and delicious!

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