Flutter Butter TM

Delicious Peanut Butter for birds

Did you know that garden birds love peanut butter? But they can’t share ours because it’s much too salty – so give them specially formulated Flutter Butter™. It’s naturally low in salt and provides birds with the protein and energy boost they need during the breeding season. It comes with its own, easy-fill feeder too.

Flutter Butter™ is available in three varieties - FRUITY and BUGGY as well as ORIGINAL.  Which will your birds prefer?

Product Details: Flutter Butter™- 330 gm jar of low-salt peanut butter.  Contains rendered suet, peanuts, cereal grains.  Buggy Flutter Butter™ also contains insects. Fruity Flutter Butter™ also contains dried fruit              

Product Details: Feeder – made from tough, weather-proof polycarbonate, with rust-proof chain and hinged bracket

Usage: simply screw jar into feeder.  Hang from tree or attach to post or tree trunk.  Please note that if you suspend feeder by chain, first remove hinged section by undoing screw at top.  Then attach one end of chain to hole left by screw. 

Suitable for: most small garden birds


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Product Name Price Qty
Flutter Butter TM Original - 330 gm jar plus feeder £9.99
Flutter Butter TM Original - 1 x 330 gm jar £2.99
Flutter Butter TM Buggy - 1 x 330 gm jar £2.99
Flutter Butter TM Fruity - 1 x 330 gm jar £2.99

Flutter ButterTM Original + Feeder

Flutter ButterTM Original + Feeder

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