Insect Suet Pellets

An irresistible energy boost for your birds!

Garden birds absolutely love these suet pellets, flavoured with tasty, protein-packed insects.  Use all year round to give wild birds the crucial energy they need during cold weather, and to build strength and condition during the breeding season.  What’s more, the soft pellets are ideal for birds to take back to the nest to feed their young. 

 Contains: suet pellets with insects.

 Usage: sprinkle on the ground and bird tables or use a specialised suet pellet feeder which protects the suet from damp.

 Suitable for: all small garden birds, particularly softbill ground feeders such as blackbirds, robins, and thrushes.

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Insect Suet Pellets - 1 kg £4.99
Insect Suet Pellets - 2.5 kg £10.99
Insect Suet Pellets - 5 kg £17.99

Insect Suet Pellets - high-energy, no-mess convenience!

Insect Suet Pellets - high-energy, no-mess convenience!

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