Mixed Suet Pellets

Berry, apple and insect flavour! 

No need to decide which flavour suet pellets to give to your birds - just choose our popular mix of berry, apple and insect flavour and your birds will get all the energy they need with delicious variety too!

Contains:  high-quality suet with berries, apple and insects.

Usage: Sprinkle on the ground and bird tables or use a specialised suet pellet feeder which protects the suet from damp.

Suitable for: all small garden birds, particularly ground feeders such as blackbirds, robins and thrushes.


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Mixed Suet Pellets - 1 kg £4.99
Mixed Suet Pellets - 2.5 kg £10.99
Mixed Suet Pellets - 5 kg £17.99

Mixed Suet Pellets

Mixed Suet Pellets

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