Suet Feasts

Calorie-rich cakes in four tasty varieties

These delicious feasts will give your garden birds an energy boost whenever they need it.  Made from high-quality suet and available in four varieties, they are ideal during winter and spring when the weather can turn cold without warning but birds still need to get on with the important business of nesting and breeding.

Contains: approximately 280 grams of high-quality beef suet in each suet feast, blended with either sunflower hearts, insects, berries or mealworms.

Usage: hang suet feasts in special feeder or break up to put on ground or bird table.

Suitable for: all birds


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Product Name Price Qty
Sunflower Heart Suet Feasts - 1 Feast £1.99
Sunflower Heart Suet Feasts - 4 Feasts £6.99
Insect Suet Feasts - 1 Feast £1.99
Insect Suet Feasts - 4 Feasts £6.99
Berry Suet Feasts - 1 Feast £1.99
Berry Suet Feasts - 4 Feasts £6.99
Mealworm Suet Feasts - 1 Feast £1.99
Mealworm Suet Feasts - 4 Feasts £6.99
Suet Feast Variety Pack - 4 Feasts (Sunflower, Insect, Berry, Mealworm) £6.99

Energy-rich Suet Feasts in four varieties!

Energy-rich Suet Feasts in four varieties!

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