Fledgling Mix

A nutrition boost for baby birds - and their parents!                                       

Good nutrition during the breeding season helps adult birds produce strong-shelled eggs and healthy offspring and helps fledglings to reach peak condition before the colder weather arrives later in the year. 

Our Fledgling Mix provides just the nutrition boost that baby birds and their parents need!  It's packed with high-energy ingredients such as suet, peanut grains, sunflower hearts and dried mealworms, enhanced with calcium-rich oyster shell.  All the ingredients are in small pieces - easy for adults to take back to the nest and perfect for even tiny beaks!

Contains: pinhead oatmeal, peanut grains (free from aflatoxin), red & white millet, dried mealworms, sunflower hearts, suet pellets, oyster shell grit and canary seed

Usage: in hanging seed feeders, on ground or on bird tables

Suitable for: all small garden birds and their fledglings during the summer

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Fledgling Mix - give your garden birds a head start!

Fledgling Mix - give your garden birds a head start!

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