2-in-1 Nest Box

A high quality home for your garden birds!

Everybody wants a safe, comfy place to raise their kids - and your garden birds are no exception! So, help them along by installing our 2-in-1 Nest Box in your garden.

This high-quality, solid wooden nest box is great value for money. It can be used in its original form (with round entrance hole) as a cosy hideaway for tits, sparrows and nuthatches - or, easily transformed into an open-fronted nest box for robins and wagtails. It even has a small gap at the base so that your birds will find it easy to clean the box out.

Product details: dual-purpose wooden nest box with 30mm diameter entrance hole.  Height 26 cm (10 1/2"); width 17 cm (7 1/4"); depth 16.5 cm (6 1/2").  Easily converts by removal of two small screws securing front panel.

Usage: hang on hook or nail in tree or wall, using the small hole at the top of the box. Site in a sheltered place, out of reach of predators and out of direct sunlight.

Suitable for: original form - tits, sparrows, nuthatches and other small birds.  Open-fronted - robins, wagtails, spotted flycatchers.

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2-in-1 Nest Box

NEW - 2-in-1 Nest Box

NEW - 2-in-1 Nest Box

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